Howard University offers more than 180 Africa-related courses throughout most schools & colleges in the University.

Browse through the undergraduate and graduate department offerings below to see available courses.

Undergraduate Courses

This list was updated for Spring 2020.

College of Arts & Sciences

Freshman Seminar

Department of African Studies

African Development & Underdevelopment
African Language & Cultures
African Political Thought
African Systems of Thought
African World-Writing
China and Africa
AIDS in Africa & African Diaspora
China and Africa
Democracy in Africa
Foundations to African Studies (with a second writing section)
Hip Hop and Popular Culture in Africa
History of Africana Philosophy
Intro to African Literature
Intro to Contemporary Africa (multiple sections)
Liter Film & Society in Africa
Science Technology & African Development
Seminar in Regional Studies
Social Media & Political Change in Africa
Southern Africa
Islam, Youth & Social Change in Africa
Research in African Studies
HIV/AIDS in Africa

Department of Afro-American Studies

Exploitation of the Third World
Intro. to Afro-American I (multiple sections)
Intro. to Afro-American II (multiple sections)
Comparative Slavery
Intro: Egyptian Hieroglyphs II
Intro: Egyptian Hieroglyphs III
Black Thought in the Diaspora
Comparative Black Literature-Writing
Politics of Black Autobiography19th Century
Black Social-Political Thought
Black Experience in the Caribbean
Black Experience in Film
Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs II

Art History

Intro. to African Art History
West African Art
Issues in African Art
African Art History III
Research in African Art
Central & East African Art

Department of Economics

Economic Development in Africa
Economics of Black Community Development
Natural Resources in African Economic Development

Fine Arts

African American Dress
200+ Hist Doc:Black Women Arch
Blacks in the Arts (multiple sections)
African Dance
African & Afro-American Music
East African Calligraphy
Black Women in Visual Culture
Central and East African Art

Department of History

Intro. to Black Diaspora I (multiple sections)
Intro to Black Diaspora II (multiple sections)
Colloquium on the African Diaspora
Intro. to African History I
West Africa since 1800 (multiple sections)
Topics: Slavery in Africa
Geography of Black Diaspora
Colloquium on African History 
Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean

Department of World Languages and Cultures

African Films
Survey Afro-French Civ & Lit
Survey Afro-Hispanic Lit
SpTp: Afro-Hispanic Lit.: Equatorial Guinea
Afro-Hispanic Lit in English
Swahili I
Swahili II
Swahili III
Swahili IV
Swahili: Intensive Grammar Review
Swahili: Oral Expression I
Swahili: Advanced Grammar & Comp
Wolof I
Wolof II
Wolof III
Wolof IV
Arabic I
Arabic II
Arabic III
Arabic IV
Arabic: Oral Expression I
Arabic: Oral Expression II
Arabic: Grammar Review

Department of Philosophy

History of Africana Philosophy
Ancient Egyptian Philosophy
African Philosophy

Department of Political Science

Intro. to African Politics
Introduction to Black Politics
African Nationalism
World Imperialism
Problems of Southern Africa
Gender, Law & Politics 
Govt. & Politics of Tropical Africa
International Relations
Politics of the 3rd World
Simulation of International Organ (Model AU)

Department of Psychology

Psychology & the Black Experience
Race & Racism

School of Business

International Marketing
International Entrepreneurship
Principles of International Business
International Human Resources Management
Management of International Business
International Financial Management
Business Communication

School of Communications

Intercultural-Racial Communication
Multicultural Media History

Graduate Courses

This list was updated for Spring 2020.

Department of African Studies

Film & History in Africa & the Diaspora
Lang Lit & Arts Contemporary Africa
Africa in World Affairs
Governance in Africa
Issues in Pub Health Policy & Dev
Scope & Methods of African Studies
Gender Theory & Practice in Africa
Public Policy & African Develop
SpTp: Migrant Rem. & African Development
Development & Planning
African Political Thought
Pan Africanism Past/Present
Islam Culture Philosophy I
Globalization in Africa
Theory in African Studies
NGOs and Africa
Women in African Civilization & Traditions.
Rural Development in Africa
Education & Social Change in Africa
History of South Africa
Foreign Policy Making in African States
Africa in World Affairs
The Rising Powers? Brics & Africa
Research in African Studies

Department of History

Problems African Diaspora
Seminar: African Diaspora
Readings South Africa
Seminar in Africa
West Africa since 1800
Memory and Heritage of Slavery

Graduate School

Contemporary Issues in International Affairs
Capstone in International Studies

Department of Political Science

Public Admin in the 3rd World
Introduction to Black Politics
Black Politics
International Law
International Relations
Black Ideology

School of Communications

African Cinema
Film & Social Change  

School of Divinity

Black Theology
History of Black Church
Contemporary Christianity in Africa
World Religions
Religious Fundamentalism the Modern World
Introduction to African Religions
African Religions in Diaspora
History of Islam in Africa
Theologies of Liberation
Third World Theologies


International Economics I
Growth and Development I
Growth and Development II
Growth and Development III
Nat Resources in African Econ Dev

School of Education

Multicultural Education
History of Black Education

School of Law

International Economic Law
Domestic & International Sales
International Moot Court
MC: Int’l Environmental Law
International Business Transactions
International Law

Art History

Black Women in Visual Culture
Research in African Art

School of Business

Global Business Strategies

Department of Psychology

Psychology and the Black Experience
Psychology of the Black Experience (multiple sections)

Department of Sociology

Global Health: Challenges and Sociology

Advanced Seminar Series on U.S.-Africa Policy Development

Fall 2023 | In person | Open to students, faculty, and public

The Seminar Series focuses on practical skills that help students succeed as practitioners in careers in federal government, foreign service, think tanks and international organizations. 

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Executive Education Program

The Executive Education Program of the Center for African Studies at Howard University is a niche program that is designed for working professionals engaged in African affairs. It aims to enable management teams, boards of directors, senior leaders, mid-career professionals, and emerging young leaders to realize their full potential when they lead projects that are located in Africa or involve the African diaspora. Like many executive programs, our target audience includes government agencies, international organizations, and global businesses. 

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Humanitarian Security Professional Development Course

The Center for African Studies at Howard University, with support from the United Nations Development Programme Africa Bureau, is offering a 4-week professional development course on Humanitarian Security for practitioners and graduate students in Summer 2023.
Course Dates: July 11 – August 8, 2023

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Self-Paced Course: Hip Hop in Africa

The Hip Hop in Africa online course is designed to introduce students to contemporary African culture, using the lens of hip hop. Hip hop is a major cultural force throughout urban Africa, and the music is a great tool for understanding the social issues and cultural environments impacting African youth today. Through hip hop culture, African artists provide rich and diverse narratives of contemporary Africa. This course is designed to accommodate various levels of familiarity with Africa and provides access to content at various levels of difficulty.

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