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Undergraduate Studies

HU offers a B.A degree in African Studies, as well as a formal minor. This degree program is housed in the Department of African Studies (DAS). In almost all departments and disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences (COAS) and other schools at Howard University, Africa related instruction is available at all levels. Africa-related programs in other disciplines such as History, Political Science, Anthropology, Economics, Philosophy, Art History and Visual Culture, World Languages and Culture, and English also offer rigorous high-quality training for majors with African interests.

The Lucy Moten Fellowship and the recently established Globalization Fund at Howard University  provides additional support for undergraduate summer research and language and area study in Africa.

For more information, please visit the website of the specific department at

Graduate Studies

HU ranks among the top producers of Africa-related M.A. theses and Ph.D. dissertations. Over the past four years, over 59 Ph.D. dissertations were produced on African topics in nine HU departments. Graduate level training in African Studies at HU is available in the DAS and a variety of disciplines and professional fields.

Graduate level instruction on Africa-related topics is also provided as formal concentration, coursework, and specific training and experiential and service learning projects in other disciplinary units in the Graduate School and professional schools (History, Political Science, Anthropology, Economics, English, Philosophy, Art History and Visual Culture, Atmospheric Sciences) as well as in the School of Law (South Africa Program); the School of Communications (Departments of Mass Communication and Culture and Radio/TV/Film); the College of Medicine; the School of Social Work; the School of Divinity; the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Sciences; and the School of Business. The Graduate School offers two certificate programs, International Studies and Women’s Studies. Interdisciplinary in approach and content, these certificates augment competencies in Africa-related training and instruction.