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Gold Road

The Gold Road Interactive Map highlights the people, places, and items related to the medieval Sudanic empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhai. Gold, the region’s most valuable resource, moved along regional and trans-Saharan routes reaching as far north as France. The Gold Road invites users to explore hundreds of topics related to the empires and their role in global history.

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Discover Africa in the World

Evidence of Africa in the world is often hidden in plain sight, available but undiscovered. The Discover Africa in the World Project reveals Africa-related sites in regions beyond the continent of Africa.

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African Tea Traditions Event Series

More widely shared than coffee or wine, tea is the world’s most socially shared drink. Join us for our event series to learn about African Tea Traditions.

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Young Africans Building a Better World

This gallery "Young Africans Building a Better World" features creative, talented Africans from various countries who are working to create a just, inclusive, and sustainable world. 

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K - 12 Outreach Library

The Outreach Library contains a collection of K-12 materials on Africa including books, artifacts, curriculum materials, audio-visual materials, and electronic resources. 

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Articles, Bibliographies & Videos

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