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K-12 Resource Library

The Outreach Library contains a collection of K-12 materials on Africa including books, artifacts, curriculum materials, audio-visual materials, and electronic resources.


  • Center for African Studies
  • 2225 Georgia Avenue, N.W. 4th Floor
  • Washington, DC 20059

Access the Outreach Catalog here.

Articles, bibliographies & videos 

I Didn't Know There Were Cities in Africa! 

by Brenda Randolph

Teaching Tolerance - A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Teaching About Nelson Mandela, Apartheid and the Struggle for Freedom

Boston University’s African Studies Center

Africa Access Review

Boko Haram: Behind the Headlines

by Barbara B. Brown, Ph.D.

Boston University's African Studies Center

Beyond Wildlife: Teaching about Africa and Stereotypes

by Barbara B. Brown and Alicia Carroll

National Council for the Social Studies

The Trouble with Tribe

by Chris Lowe

Teaching Tolerance - A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The danger of a single story


Best Practices Lesson Plans

Best practices for teaching, reading and learning about africa. 

Lesson Plan: Colonized Women Talk Back

by Brenda Randolph