Words from Dr. Mnyandu, Assistant Director at the Center, on his 1st day!

Phiwokuhle Mnyandu Day 1 as Assistant Director

Today is the first day on the job for our new Assistant Director, Dr. Phiwokuhle Mnyandu. We are so pleased to have him in leadership of the team, along with Dr. Krista Johnson. Here he is sharing some words on leading the studies of African Languages:

Adding to the video:

I am honored to officially begin my new role as Assistant Director for the Center for African Studies at Howard University today. From today onwards, I no longer just take care of isiZulu only but all African languages, in a practical way. I join an amazing team which helps the Director, Professor Krista Johnson, in the great mission concerning African languages and Area Studies. 

The future for African languages is here and AI, machine learning, data science, etc. are no longer set apart from it. What a time to be alive. The future is here and I am glad to be part of it! Some of our language programs, including isiZulu, are the largest outside of Africa.

Ngiyakubonga Gogo wami, MaKhuzwayo, for forbidding my siblings and I to speak English in our home, which helped me preserve isiZulu sami for moments that would be far into the future, in ways I never imagined

Dr. Phiwokuhle Mnyandu
Assistant Director
Center for African Studies
Howard University


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