The Swahili World was the center of this year's Summer Institute for Educators

Summer Institute for Educators 2021

At this year’s annual Summer Institute for Educators, the Outreach Team launched “Voices from the Swahili World,” a series of workshops and educational experiences planned for the 2021-2022 academic year. The institute was open to K-12 educators across disciplines. The two-day institute hosted presentations by Howard University professors on the importance and spread of Swahili language programs in the US., and on the history, evolution and use of the Swahili Kanga cloth.  Educators participated in live language practice activities and learned how to make chai and mandazi. The education curator from the Smithsonian Museum of African Art demonstrated the use of photography in learning about Swahili culture. At the end of each day,  the Outreach teaching artist-in-residence guided educators in finding creative ways to incorporate the information into student-friendly activities. On the last day of the institute, educators enjoyed a musical performance on "Taarab- the Language of Love" by artist extraordinaire Anna Mwalagho.


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