Nephraterie's Travel, Studying Swahili in Kenya

Nephraterie Smith in Kenya

By Nephraterie Smith, Undergraduate Student

My experience in Kenya was filled with laughter, growth, resilience, exploration and amazing chai. Not only did I pick up some new language skills and some new favorite foods, but I was revitalized by the sense of community, ease, and care I experienced in Kenya. When I came back to the states, it took me a few weeks to integrate my experience in Kenya and the lessons I’d learned along the way, but when I was able rest and reboot, I came to the conclusion that the culture in Kenya, the environment that was created by our teachers and peers, and the overall energy of the land fed my spirit in ways I hadn't experienced in years. I was filled with joy, peace, contentment, and 100 new vocabulary words when I came back home. I can’t name one experience over another that takes first place, but experiencing a new place, new things, and new people can be challenging and choosing to experience Kenya through a lens of gratitude, curiosity, and positivity enabled me to accept all of the challenges, new experiences, unfamiliar vocabulary, and everything in between with an open heart and has given me a greater perspective.


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