The Education of Black People by W.E.B DuBois: #3.College-bred Community/1910

Abstract; Focus of Lecture 3.

Forced separation from our ancestral homelands due to enslavement threatened to dismember Africans, physically, emotionally and spiritually. These Africans—faced with deep trauma and accompanying feelings of abandonment in the unfamiliar, alien, and hostile colonial worlds of the Western Hemisphere—maintained and created memories, traditions, and communities from the rich and complex cultures of the African worlds they brought across the ocean. This lecture examines the trauma of enslavement and how Africans created, preserved, and extended their humanity as the foundation for the contemporary African world experience and the perpetual human quest for a better society. 

--Dr. Mario Beatty

The Lecture: Abandonment and Dismemberment: “Something Torn and New” Dr. Mario Beatty.

Resources: Lecture #3, Abandonment and Dismemberment: “Something Torn and New”.

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Egyptian trinity and dismemberment 

Osiris and dismemberment 

Isis and dismemberment 

Horus and dismemberment 

Ngugi wa Thiong'o and Abandonment 

Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Dismemberment 

Something Torn and New and Criticism 

African Diaspora and forced separation 

African Diaspora and ancestral homeland and memory 

African Diaspora and enslavement and memory 

African Diaspora and dismemberment 

African Diaspora and African Spirituality 

African Diaspora and Abandonment 

African Diaspora and alien cultures 

African Diaspora and hostile new worlds 

African Diaspora and hostile colonial worlds 

African Diaspora and Western Hemisphere 

African Diaspora and memories and Africa 

African Diaspora and traditions and Africa 

African Diaspora and communities and western hemisphere

Resources: Chapter 3; The College-Bread Community; W.E.B. Du Bois, The Education of Black People.

Dubois and Atlanta University and teachers and Negros 

Dubois and study of Negroes and Atlanta University 

Dubois and Negro colleges and funding 

Dubois and Negro universities and funding 

Dubois and the college bred man 

Dubois and social scientist and Negro education 

Dubois and Atlanta University and success 

Dubois and the talented tenth 

Dubois and the talented few 

Dubois and social adjustment and Negroes 

Kidnapping of a nation and Dubois 

Transplantation and Negroes and Dubois 

Negroes and victims and social heritage and Dubois 

Negroes and social organization and loss and W.E.B. Dubois 

Negroes and caste system and W.E.B. Dubois 

Dubois and victims and social heritage 

Dubois and 250 years and Slavery 

Dubois and race separation and the South 

Dubois and racial contact and the South 

Dubois and social methods of education 

Dubois and transmission of human culture 

Dubois and social uplift and self help 

Negro self-help and social evolution 

Negro self-help and college training 

Negro people and uplift 

Negro teaching and culture class 

Negro education and white professors and 1910 

Teaching self and Negro education 

Dubois and ignorant class 

Negroes and loss and moral customs and Dubois 

Dubois and learned class 

Dubois and “the submerged many” 

Dubois and culture 

Dubois and trade men and class

Resources: Chapter 3; The College-Bread Community; W.E.B. Du Bois, The Education of Black People.

J. Cole and freedom and industrial complex

Germany and King Leopold and economic interest

Germany and imperialism and King Leopold and colonialism

Berlin Conference 1884-1885

African Diaspora and slavery and 1492-1776

Otherness and Africans and colonial sensibilities

African education and otherness

Disruptions and African people and transition and loss

African slavery and loss and  W.E.B. Du Bois

Systems of cultures and systems of governance and Education

Slavery and humanity and loss

Black skins white masks and Franz Fanon

Blacks skins with mask and African culture

Cultural practices and traditional practices

African people and hybridity and African traditions

Suppression and memory and African Diaspora

African people and historical memory

African people and cultural memory

African people and identities

African people and humanities

Historical narratives and the Black Atlantic

Historical narratives and Survival

Historical narratives and Resistance

Historical narratives and Encounter

Historical narratives and Social Conditions

Historical narratives and Relationship

Historical narratives and Connection

African cosmology and knowledge

African cosmology and connections and ancestors