Dr. Ọmọlọlá speaks at the Global Yoruba Culture Day in Lagos

Omolola Global Yoruba Culture Day Lagos 2021

Dr. Báyọ̀ Ọmọlọlá from the Department of World Languages and Cultures spoke at the Global Yoruba Culture Day in Lagos in 2021. As a guest speaker from the diaspora, he spoke on the topic of "Making Money from Yoruba Culture".

The lecture covered the understanding of Yoruba culture, its benefit and the need to appreciate and promote Yoruba culture. Included were detailed opportunities that can be derived from embracing the culture and properly positioning it for tourism for revenue generation, empowerment and aesthetic purposes. This event was an embodiment and ongoing revival of Yoruba culture, also advocate for more Nigerian's culture representation.

The speech is in the Yoruba language. View it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79dkImTRBMw


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