Dr. Krista Johnson receives a UMBC Inclusion Imperative Fellowship


Dr. Krista Johnson, Associate Professor in the Department of African Studies at Howard University, will be participating in the Inclusion Imperative Visiting Faculty Fellowship Program at the University of Maryland in the Fall of 2020. The Inclusion Imperative’s Visiting Faculty Fellowship Program promotes inclusive humanities scholarship at UMBC, while supporting faculty at regional institutions who are committed to diversity in the academy and to the advancement of underrepresented groups in the professoriate.

Full-time faculty from colleges and universities in the region are invited to join UMBC for one semester or one academic year as residential research fellows. The program offers the gift of time, space, and collegial conversation within a robust humanities center environment to scholars, who will in turn enrich UMBC’s community and expand the campus conversation surrounding inclusive excellence. Visiting Faculty Fellows participate in Inclusion Imperative Diversity Teaching Network activities and Humanities Teaching Labs, as well as works-in-progress talks, Fellows and Others workshops, and public events and symposia. Dr. Johnson's Project is "Theorizing Racial Segregation and Imperialism in South Africa: The Travel Notes of Two African American Scholars - Ralph Bunche and Merze Tate". At UMBC, she will be collaborating with Dr. Derek Musgrove, Associate Professor in the Department of History.


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