CfAS Awarded nearly $3M Grant!


The Center for African Studies at Howard University has been awarded National Resource Center (NRC) and Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) grants from the United States Department of Education.  The Center will received nearly $3 million for the 2022-26 grant cycle to support Africa-focused programming, education and outreach, as well as African language instruction.

“We are delighted to continue to serve as a National Resource Center for African Studies.  The increased allotment is a testament to Howard’s leadership in African Studies, scholarship, language and outreach programs.  We are uniquely positioned to expand our programming and impact, with an average of 700 student registrations in African languages per year, and an additional 1000 student registrations in African Studies courses,” said Krista Johnson, Director of the Center for African Studies.

As part of the Title VI program of the U.S. Office of International and Foreign Language Education, the NRC and FLAS grants promote a greater understanding of countries and regions across the global through foreign language and areas studies training and research.  With Title VI funding, the Center will expand the number of students with advanced fluency in African languages, increase Africa-related interdisciplinary programming, research and curriculum development, and broaden our outreach to K-12 schools, HBCUs and community colleges.


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