Book Release! Pan African Spaces: Essays on Black Transnationalism

Book Pan African Spaces Essays on Black Transnationalism

AUTHORS: Msia Clark, Ph.D., Phiwo Mnyandu, Ph.D. and Loy Azalia, Ph.D.
BOOK TITLE: Pan African Spaces: Essays on Black Transnationalism

Congratulations to Dr. Msia Clark, Dr. Phiwo Mnyandu and Dr. Loy Azalia on the release of their book, Pan African Spaces: Essays on Black Transnationalism.

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This book explores Black identity, from a global perspective. The historical and contemporary migrations of African peoples have brought up some interesting questions regarding identity. This text examines some of those questions, and will provide relevant essays on the identities created by those migrations. Following a regional contextualizing of migration trends, the personal essays with allow for understandings of how those migrations impacted personal and community identities. Each of the personal essays will be written by bicultural Africans/Blacks from around the world. The essays represent a wide spectrum of experiences and viewpoints central to the bicultural Africans/Black experience. The contributors offer poignant and grounded perspectives on the diverse ways race, ethnicity, and culture are experienced, debated, and represented. All of the chapters contribute more broadly to writings on dual identities, and the various ways bicultural Africans/Blacks navigate their identities and their places in African and Diaspora communities.


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