Biden and Ramaphosa Need to Confront Transnational Security Concerns

Biden Ramaphosa 09142022

AUTHORS: Michael Walsh and Dr. Phiwokuhle Mnyandu
ARTICLE TITLE: Biden and Ramaphosa Need to Confront Transnational Security Concerns
PUBLISHED IN: (Council on Foreign Relations) Sept 15 2022

Article Intro:

"Tomorrow, President Biden hosts South African President Cyril Ramaphosa at the White House. The leaders will be working to deepen collaboration on a number of bilateral issues, including climate, energy, health, infrastructure, investment, and trade. International criminal networks and transnational security threats are crucial to this list. According to the Department of State, the United States government is already working to broaden and deepen collaboration on law enforcement and the judiciary with its counterparts in the South African government. Here, an emphasis has been placed on transnational crime  as it affects the United States. A good example is the ongoing investigation into South Africa-based ISIS organizers and financial facilitators. Unfortunately, the high-profile Black Axe Cases serve as a cautionary tale. ..."  Read the Article

About the Authors:

Phiwokuhle Mnyandu is a lecturer in the Departments of African Studies and World Languages at Howard University.

Michael Walsh was the chair of the Asia-Pacific Security Affairs Subcommittee on the Biden Defense Working Group during the 2020 U.S. Presidential Campaign.


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