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The Center for African Studies at Howard University is one of 10 Title VI African National Resource Centers (NRC) awarded by the U.S. Department of Education. Below is a list of the NRCs and other resource links related to the study of Africa.


2014-17 Title VI African National Resource Centers

African Studies Center, Boston University

Center for African Studies, Harvard University

Center for African Studies, Howard University

African Studies Center, Michigan State University

Center for African Studies, University of Florida

Center for African Studies, University of Illinois/Northwestern University

Department of African American and African Studies, University of Minnesota

African Studies Center, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

African Studies Program, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Yale Council on African Studies, Yale University


Other African Resource Centers

African Studies Program, Indiana University – Bloomington

National African Language Resource Center, Indiana University – Bloomington

African Studies, Ohio University

Center for African Studies, University of California – Berkeley

African Studies Center, University of Kansas

Africa Center, University of Pennsylvania


Other Resources

LibGuides from Celia Daniel, the Head of Reference & Instruction / Senior Reference Librarian at Howard University Founders Library

In April 2017, the Center for African Studies at Howard University became an official partner for the event & webcast series "Conversations with African Poets and Writers", a project of The Library of Congress - African and Middle Eastern Division. This series presents interviews with current African diaspora writers committed to the literature of continental and diasporic Africa (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, literary criticism) and readings from their written works. Authors/interviewees include both established and highly talented ‘new’ and emerging writers. 

 The African-American Historical Linkages with South Africa Project - This documentary editing project focuses on the shared experiences with white domination and segregation of African Americans and Africans in South Africa. The project's co-directors are Robert Edgar (Dept. of African Studies, Howard University) and David Anthony (Dept. of History, University of California).

The Studying Africa resource guide published by the Nordic Africa Institute

AFRICA 2016 published by Business Books International in conjunction with the Corporate Council on Africa is a source on various aspects of Africa, ranging from geography, politics and tourism to business potential. Click on either of these links to sample or purchase on amazon in either PDF on a CD or in Kindle format.