African Language Summer Institute

The 2021 African Language Summer Institute is hosted by the Department of World Languages & Cultures and the Center for African Studies at Howard University. Instruction will be hybrid - online and face-to-face. The program is available to Howard and non-Howard students, both undergraduate and graduate. 

Institute Dates

May 17 - June 25, 2021

Courses will be 5 days a week, for 4-5 hours a day.

Registration Deadline

April 15, 2021

Featured Languages

  • Amharic – Different levels
  • Arabic – Two levels
  • Somali – Two levels
  • Swahili – All levels: Beginners, Intermediate, & Advanced.
  • Wolof – Two levels
  • Yoruba – Two levels
  • Zulu – Two levels


HU Credits: 6 credits equivalent to one academic year of language instruction


$2940 x 2 courses = $5,880

Apply for a FLAS Fellowship to help cover costs.


Varies (Howard University Hostels charge between $35.00 - $55.00 per day).


Cost varies but the university has a meal plan you can choose from.

More Info

For more information, please contact the Dr. Leonard Muaka, Department of World Languages and Cultures at

  1. Is the Summer Institute for undergraduate and graduate students?
    Yes. It is open to all students.
  2. Can non-Howard students apply?
    Yes. It is open to all students.
  3. Can the FLAS Fellowship be used to cover the majority of expenses? Are there any other funding options?
    Yes the FLAS Fellowship applies. Howard students may use the Summer Tuition Assistance Grant for Excellence (STAGE) if it will be available. Requests can also be made for funding from their colleges if available.
  4. Can you explain the tuition? 
    During the Summer Institute the student takes two courses which are worth an entire academic year of language instruction. For undergraduate it is approximately $2940 x 2 courses = $5,880.
  5. What does the program schedule look like? How many hours a day? How many days a week?
    It will be 4 to 5 hours a day of courses, for five days a week.