Howard in Africa Map

The Howard in Africa Map displays Howard University projects that take place in Africa.

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Howard Projects by Country


Clinical Pharmacy Twinning Project

November 6-8, 2014 | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Howard University Assistant Provost for International Programs and Dean of the College of Pharmacy Anthony Wutoh, Ph.D., led a delegation to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to celebrate the successful implementation of the Clinical Pharmacy Twinning Project, conducted with the American International Health Alliance (AIHA) in collaboration with Addis Ababa University School of Pharmacy.

Dean Wutoh was accompanied by Dr. Bisrat Hailemeskel, associate professor of clinical and administrative pharmacy sciences, and principal investigator for the Clinical Pharmacy Twinning Project. Jeronimo Augusto, program manager for international programs, was also a part of the Howard University delegation visit Nov. 6-8.

The Clinical Pharmacy Training Project was an eight-year PEPFAR-funded (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) project that has transformed the education of pharmacists throughout Ethiopia. During the visit, Dr. Hailemeskel provided an overview of the activities of the project and noted that Howard University and Addis Ababa University agreed to collaborate several years ago because of the high incidence of HIV in Ethiopia and the lack of health care professionals trained to address the epidemic.

Ethiopia - International Experiential Rotation Program

June, 2013 | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The College of  Pharmacy initiated the International Experiential Rotation program in June, 2013 by placing five students at sites in Ethiopia, Zambia, and South Africa. In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, students participated in clinical experiences at Black Lion Hospital. The College of Pharmacy has a long history of international health care. It has emerged particularly as a leader in the clinical pharmacology of HIV/AIDS in Africa.


Alternative Spring Break Ghana Program

Annual | Ghana

The Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Ghana program at Howard allows students to participate in service-learning workshops. During the 2017 program, we provided 600 books to school communities, a non-governmental organization called MMOFRA, and to the University of Ghana.


Liberia E-Brary

2014 - Ongoing | Tubman University, Liberia

In Liberia, Howard University's School of Architecture is participating in a program for the Architectural Design Challenge for the William V.S. Tubman University E-Brary. The E-brary is a major learning center for students and the community of Maryland County, Liberia. Morgan State and Tuskegee University, are participants along with Howard.


Malawi medical laboratory capacity

2013 - Ongoing | Malawi

In Malawi, Howard University is increasing the nation’s medical laboratory capacity by training students, establishing laboratories, purchasing equipment and supplies, and having laboratory tests delivered to various parts of the country, as well as helping to construct laboratories. Carol Porter, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences at Howard University, is the director of the project, which is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Yoruba Group Project Abroad in Nigeria

June 15 - August 14, 2018 | Ibadan, Nigeria

This Intensive Advanced Yoruba Group Project Abroad (GPA) program is funded by the United States Department of Education through Fulbright-Hays fellowships.

The purpose of our program is to offer students taking Yoruba language courses in American universities a rare opportunity to learn the language and culture at an advanced level among Yoruba native speakers. The goal is to make participants productive in their studies and careers and to give them a better understanding of Nigeria upon their return to the United States. 

Nigeria HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention activities

2013 - Ongoing | Nigeria

In Nigeria, Howard is training pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare clinicians in HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention activities. 

South Africa

School of Law South Africa Program

Annual | Cape Town, South Africa

Howard University School of Law's Summer Abroad Program takes place annually at the University of Western Cape, in Cape Town South Africa.

The program is approved by the American Bar Association and allows students to earn up to six semester hours of law school credit while becoming familiar with the new South Africa. The program offers an opportunity for students to witness firsthand the historic legal and political changes in South Africa, in what is sure to become a leading political and economic power center in the region. A unique aspect of the Howard program is the opportunity it provides for interaction with South African law students and graduates who also participate in the program.

Global Health and International Service-Learning Experience

Annual Course with travel during Spring Break | Cape Town, South Africa

This course covers the main principles of global health along with additional topics such as interprofessional relationships, health determinants and disparities, socioeconomic status and health, human rights, culture and health, unintentional injuries, maternal and child health... water and sanitation, parasitic diseases, nutritional deficiencies, and the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). In country service-learning experiences will include visits to historical sites, health agencies, collaborative exchanges, inter-professional collaboration with other organizations, and service projects.

South Africa HIV project

2013 - Ongoing | South Africa

In South Africa, Howard University is helping the government identify patients who are HIV-infected, but have been lost to the medical system for follow-up care. South Africa is an especially important site for Howard, because it serves as the regional office for university healthcare projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Rwanda.


Swahili Study Abroad (HUSSA) in Tanzania

Annual | Tanzania

The Howard University Swahili Study Abroad (HUSSA) Program is a community-based service learning program, available in Tanzania. This intensive linguistic and cultural experience offers 3 credits and 6 weeks of over 144 contact hours of instructions. HUSSA also includes various socio-cultural trips such as overnight stays with a local family, visits to children's homes, local markets and communities and three days at the Zanzibar Film Festival.


Zambia HIV/AIDS partnership

2013 - Ongoing | Livingstone, Zambia

In Livingstone, Zambia, Howard University is fostering a public-private partnership between Livingston General Hospital and several local private pharmacies to tackle HIV/AIDS.

Zambia - Presentation at the Journal of Southern African Studies Conference

August 3 – 14, 2015 | Livingstone, Zambia

Dr. Winstead presented a paper at the 1st biennial conference of the Journal of Southern African Studies in Livingstone, Zambia in August, 2015. The conference theme is ‘Southern Africa Beyond the West: Political, Economic & Cultural Relationships with the BRICS Countries & the Global South’. In addition to his paper and participating in a roundtable on setting the agenda of Southern African Studies in the 21st century and how African Studies should respond to the past two decades of change in Southern Africa’s position in the world, had meetings to exploring establishment of linkages between Howard University Center for African Studies and the Southern African Institute for Policy and Research (SAIPAR), an independent, educational research and development oriented research center in Zambia and one of the sponsors of the conference.

Zambia - International Experiential Rotation Program

June, 2013 | Livingstone, Zambia

The College of Pharmacy initiated the International Experiential Rotation program in June, 2013 by placing five students at sites in Ethiopia, Zambia, and South Africa. In Livingstone, Zambia, students participated in clinical experiences at Livingstone General Hospital. The College of Pharmacy has a long history of international health care. It has emerged particularly as a leader in the clinical pharmacology of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Howard Projects in Multiple African Countries

President Frederick's and Dean Wutoh's trip visiting Howard healthcare and development projects​

2013 | Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa

Howard University's President Frederick and Dean Wutoh made a trip in 2013 as a part of the university’s continued commitment to aiding African nations. They visited Howard University healthcare and development projects underway in Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa and met with South African President Jacob Zuma.

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