Kids on Campus

Kids on Campus is a program sponsored by the Center for African Studies that invites K-12 students to visit Howard University's campus for a day of activities to further learning about Africa.

In advance of the visit, The Outreach Team provides teachers with resources related to a specific topic or subject to be covered in the classroom. On the day of the campus visit, students showcase what they have learnt, and take part in a further learning experience organized and hosted by the Center for African Studies at Howard University.

Our first Kids on Campus event featured 7th graders from Tandem Friends School of Charlottesville, Virginia. The focus of this day was on the West African country, Ghana. The students from Charlottesville participated in a Ghana Jeopardy/ Trivia game and showcased their art projects on Adinkra symbols.

Below see photos and student artwork from the first Kids on Campus event with the Tandem Friends School.

CfAS Kids on Campus Event on Sept. 2018
Kids on Campus Event - Student Artwork


If you are interested in bringing your students to Howard University's campus to learn about Africa, contact:

Brenda Randolph, Outreach Director
Center for African Studies, Howard University