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Africa in the Classroom & Community: Mali at the Center

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The Center for African Studies Outreach Program at Howard University is hosting a three-day summer institute for highly motivated educators interested in reading, learning, and teaching about Africa (August 1-3, 2018).

African Studies scholars will introduce educators to history, culture and contemporary issues in Mali. Educators who complete the 3 day course and design a related lesson will receive a stipend of $300.00 upon completion and submission of lesson plans at the end of the Institute. 

The Institute is open to: Local educators who work with grades 5-12

Institute Overview


  • Empire Building and the Epic of Sundiata
  • Mansa Musa and Mali's Golden Age
  • Timbuktu in the African Diaspora
  • Protecting the Timbuktu Manuscripts: Roots of the 2012 Conflict
  • Climate Change and Desertification in Mali
  • African Muslims Enslaved in the U.S.
  • West African Music in Early America: Finding the Mande Within
  • Bogolan Designs 


  • Sylvian Diouf
  • Barbara Brown
  • Lesina Martin
  • Hame Watt
  • Kadia Kane
  • Carolyn Brown
  • Guy Weston
  • Maya Cunningham
  • Nubia Kai
  • Amadou Kouyate
  • Deborah Stokes 
  • Gathoni Kamau
  • Sidiki Traore
  • Farafina Kan