Socioeconomic and Institutional Quality Effect of Regional Trade Agreements: A Case Study of East African Community Regional Integration

“An Analysis of Women’s Participation: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa

Secondary Education in Northern Uganda and Its Impact on Transformative Gender-Integration Amongst the Lango: A Socio-cultural Analysis of the Challenges of Male Engagement in Rural Development

Dr. John Henrik Clarke and the Significance of the Black Self-Educated Intellectuals in the African World: A Case Study of a Self-Made Scholar

A Grounded Theory Approach to Understanding Ethical Leadership with School Leaders in Southern Nigeria: A Perspective of Three Primary Schools

Generations in Conversation: Historical Memory and Social Critique in Kenyan Literature

Arab Influences and Sociocultural Change among the Baganda, 1837-1894

Acculturation and Values in the Kasai

Measuring Attitude Change on Africa Through Program Exposure to the Museum of African Art

Name Changes among the Bajita as Evidence of Culture Change


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