HU Swahili Study Abroad (HUSSA) in Tanzania and Kenya

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The Howard University Swahili Study Abroad (HUSSA) Program is a community-based service learning program, available in Tanzania during the summer.

This program allows the student to:

  • Begin or complete your foreign language requirement 
  • Earn up to an equivalent of 6 credit hours of Swahili language 
  • Enhance your language proficiency skills through total immersion 
  • Get hands-on exposure to East African arts and crafts
  • Use Swahili language with local people on a daily basis
  • Engage in cultural and Educational excursions 
  • Tour and enjoy the rich cultural and historical island of Zanzibar 
  • Take a tour of one of the local national parks 

The Application Deadline: January 30, 2019

Download the 2019 HUSSA Brochure with details about the program, dates and costs:

In order to fund this program, you can apply for the FLAS Fellowship. Go to FLAS page

To Apply for HUSSA fill out the online application form.

For more information contact:

The Swahili Program is now on Twitter@Swahili_HU