2022-23 Arts, Business and Culture (ABC): Doing Business in Africa Initiative

The Center for African Studies agrees to support the Howard University Business and International Education (BIE) program by enhancing the international skills of interested parties in the areas of language and culture for the purpose of doing business in Africa, an area of its expertise. The Center is supporting the BIE program through its Arts, Business and Culture (ABC): Doing Business in Africa initiative

The ABC consists of three one-day workshops focusing on the importance of language and culture for successful business in Southern, Eastern, and Western Africa. The language/culture focus for the three areas are Zulu-Southern Africa, Yoruba-Western Africa, and Swahili-Eastern Africa. The goal of the workshops is to provide information to US businesses as to the language and culture requirements to have a successful business venture in that region of the continent. The workshops are being planned for AY 2022/2023 with two in the Fall 2022 semester and one in the Spring 2023 semester.

The workshops will be led by HU language/culture experts with participation of experienced businesspersons from the DC Chamber of Commerce. The workshops will be facilitated by Dr. Wheeler Winstead, Assistant Director for the Center for African Studies. The workshops will be targeted to HU faculty and students, GTMBA students, SBDC and DC Chamber of Commerce members, and the DMV community at-large. The workshops will be either virtual or onsite depending on the COVID 19 restrictions. All workshops will be recorded and available for viewing as a future reference. Participants will be asked to take a pre and post survey to gauge the level of knowledge acquisition. 

Tentative workshop components for each workshop:

  • Testimonial from actual businesspersons doing business in the region
  • A language and culture presentation by the language instructor
  • Understanding the language and culture for doing business in the region. 
  • Does and don’ts
  • Quick language lesson
  • Financial, regulatory, tax, asset, visa requirements
  • Business opportunities for US businesses in the region

More information coming soon.