Women and Gender Studies Collective

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Info on courses which teach African feminist scholarship and scholarship by African women.

Please note that this list is incomplete.

  • “Black Women in America”,  Department of Afro-American Studies, Professor Valethia A. Watkins | Spring 2017, T/R | CRN: AFRO 10016
  • “Black Women in America II”, Department of Afro-American Studies, Professor Amy Yeboah | Spring 2017, T/R | CRN: AFRO 18134
  • “Internship in Women’s Studies”, Department of Women’s Studies, Professor Valethia A. Watkins | Spring 2017, T/R | CRN: WOMS 13907
  • “Race, Class and Gender”, Department of Sociology, Professor Christopher Gunderson | Spring 2017, T | CRN: SOCI 17848
  • “Women in Development”, Department of Sociology, Professor Walda K Fishman | Spring 2017, R | CRN: SOCI 18563
  • “Women, Gender, and Family in Islam”, Department of Historical Studies, Professor Zainab Alwani | Spring 2017, T| CRN: HISU, 18556
  • “Afro American Women (online)”, Department of History, Professor Elizabeth Clark-Lewis | Spring 2017 | CRN: HIST 15778
  • “Women in Literature”, Department of Humanities, Professor Adrienne Colette Carthon | Spring 2017, MWF | CRN: HUMA 16586
  • “Gender, Law and Politics”, Department of Political Science, Professor Josephine Dawuni | Spring 2017, TR | CRN: POLS 18233
  • “Sexuality and The Black Church”, Department of Society, Culture and Religion, Professor Ronald Hopson | Spring 2017, T | CRN: SCRL 16698
The Women and Gender Studies Collective is a project of Dr. Krista Johnson at the Department of African Studies and Dr. J. Jarpa Dawuni at the Department of Political Science with support from the Center for African Studies at Howard University.