Africa-Related Dissertations Database

The Africa-Related Dissertations Database is a resource that represents various areas of Africa-Related expertise developed by Howard University graduate students. It provides information about Africa-Related dissertations and theses completed at Howard University. The database is searchable by area of study, country, type or year. You can also search using any keyword or name in the "Search" field.

Most of the dissertations and theses below are available on ProQuest ( Most universities, including Howard University, have ProQuest subscriptions so that students, faculty and other personnel have complimentary access when logged into their university account.

Title Name Area of study Country Typesort descending Year
China’s Public Diplomacy in Kenya: The Case of Chinese Language and Cultural Programs at the University of Nairobi Confucius Institute Anita C. Wheeler International Relations, Language, Political Science China, Kenya Dissertation 2012
The Economic Integration of Trade Policy in South Africa: A Case Study of Ethekwini Nichelle Sylvette Williams Commerce / Trade, Economics, Foreign Policy, International Relations, Political Science South Africa Dissertation 2012
Oil: Lessons from Comparative Perspectives for Ghana Maame Frema Osei Boakye Energy, Political Science Ghana Thesis 2012
The Challenges of Implementation to Achieve Universal Primary Education in Post-Conflict Societies: Historical Analysis of the Ugandan Experience Loy Azalia Education, History, Youth Uganda Thesis 2012
Intra-Repair: A Pan African Concept and Mechanism to Eliminate Racism & Facilitate Racial Healing Through Reparations Gregory Hay Ethnic and Racial Studies, Pan-Africanism Thesis 2012
Post-Colonial Africa: Confronting the Social and Cultural Challenges of Globalization Gamby Camara Colonialism / Decolonization / Post-Colonialism, Culture, Globalization, Sociology Thesis 2012
The State and Conflicts in The Democratic Republic of the Congo Christopher Taylor Conflict Resolution, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Governance, Political Science, Public Policy Democratic Republic of The Congo Thesis 2012
Challenges for Internally Displaced and Refugee Women in Gaining Access to Land for Food Security and Production in Post-Civil War Sierra Leone (2002-2011) Bathsheba Bryant Agriculture, Food Security, Gender Studies, Land Tenure Sierra Leone Thesis 2012
Policy and Implementation: The Case of Maternal Mortality in Kenya Norah Langat Gender Studies, Health / Medicine Kenya Thesis 2012
Understanding Men’s Interference in Women’s Empowerment and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Nigeria: A Gender Comparison Annie N. Duru Communications and Media, Culture, Gender Studies, NGOs / International / Intergovernmental Organizations Nigeria Dissertation 2011
Education and Indigenous Knowledge in Africa: Traditional Bonesetting and Orthopaedic Medicine in West Africa Chika Anne Ezeanya Education, Health / Medicine Dissertation 2011
Toward a Successful Plan for Educational Technology for Low-Income Communities: A Formative Evaluation of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Projects in Nigeria and Ghana Bellarmine Anthonia Ezumah Communications and Media, Education, Technology, Youth Ghana, Nigeria Dissertation 2011
Humanitarian Development in Zimbabwe, 1995-2005 Bruce Ormond Grant Development, Humanitarianism Zimbabwe Dissertation 2011
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: The Gold Coast, the Asante and the Era of Illegal Slave Trading, 1807-1874 Jarvis Lamar Hargrove History, Slavery Ghana Dissertation 2011
Suffering in Silence? Intrapersonal Communication Regarding Female Empowerment and Healthcare Access for Breast Cancer Screening in Cape Town, South Africa Jennifer J. Jones Communications and Media, Culture, Gender Studies, Health / Medicine South Africa Dissertation 2011
Projecting Nation? Cinema and the Creation of a National Identity in Post-Apartheid South Africa Cara Moyer-Duncan Apartheid / Post-Apartheid, Cinema South Africa Dissertation 2011
The Cultural Geography of Insecurity in the African Great Lakes Region: Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo Lonzen Rugira Conflict Resolution, Culture, Geography, Political Science Burundi, Democratic Republic of The Congo, Rwanda Dissertation 2011
A Historical Analysis of Adventist World Radio’s Impact in the East Central Africa Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church: A Case Study of Tanzania Desrene L. Vernon Communications and Media, History, Religion / Theology Tanzania Dissertation 2011
Human Security, Women's Rights & Citizenship: Assessing the Role of Women in African Development Tracy Keyser Development, Gender Studies, Human Security Thesis 2011
Governance & Democratic Transition in Africa: Understanding "Ivoirite" and Ethnicity Challenges to Citizenship & Nation-Building in Cote d'Ivoire Salia Zouande Ethnic and Racial Studies, Governance, Political Science, Public Policy Cote D’ivoire Thesis 2011