Africa-Related Dissertations Database

The Africa-Related Dissertations Database is a resource that represents various areas of Africa-Related expertise developed by Howard University graduate students. It provides information about Africa-Related dissertations and theses completed at Howard University. The database is searchable by area of study, country, type or year. You can also search using any keyword or name in the "Search" field.

Most of the dissertations and theses below are available on ProQuest ( Most universities, including Howard University, have ProQuest subscriptions so that students, faculty and other personnel have complimentary access when logged into their university account.

Title Name Area of study Country Type Yearsort descending
Egyptian Society in Transition: A Sociological Study Concerning the Change in Class Structure Since the 1952 Revolution Galal A. Badr Political Science, Sociology Egypt Thesis 1969
The Impact of the Cold War on the Congo Crisis 1960-1964 Daniel U. Atulobi Governance, Political Science Democratic Republic of The Congo Thesis 1969
The Libyan Oil Industry and its Role in The National Economy Hussein M. Zagaar Education, Energy, Political Science Libya Thesis 1970
The Role of Multinational Corporations in the New International Economic Order and African Development Miriam Uzokwe Development, Economics, Political Science Thesis 1970
The Paradox of Kwame Nkrumah's Political Leadership in Ghana, 1947-1966 Bartholomew O. Uzonwume Governance, Political Science Ghana Thesis 1970
Contributing Factors to the Dramatic Drought in Black East African Theatre Lawrence Thindiu Art History, Literature Thesis 1970
The Reaction of the Africans in South Africa to Apartheid (1945-1960) Stephen M. Sumner Apartheid / Post-Apartheid, Governance, International Relations, Political Science South Africa Thesis 1970
Education for African Development; Elites, School Leavers and Drop-Outs and their Effect on Nation-Building Mary Steven Sandrock Development, Education, Youth Thesis 1970
Five Ghanaian Novelists Cyprian L. Rowe Literature Ghana Thesis 1970
Trichotomy of Tension: A Case Study of Africans in Local Government Nina W. T. Robbins Governance, Political Science Thesis 1970
A Study of Attitudes of African Students in the United States towards Education for Self-Reliance Shirley Ann Pryor Education, Youth United States Thesis 1970
The Importance of the Linguistic Factor in Developing African Nations Jacqueline L. Pierce Language, Political Science Thesis 1970
The Nigerian Civil War and its Effects Michael A. Ojo Governance, Political Science Nigeria Thesis 1970
The Failure of One-Party Rule in Kenya Miyoga Wa Mochoge Governance, Political Science Kenya Thesis 1970
The Impact of the High Dam on Economic Development in the United Arab Republic (Egypt) Hamed M. Meghed Development, Economics, Energy, Political Science Egypt Thesis 1970
An Inquiry Into Leadership and the Problem of Federation in East Africa: 1963-1967 Ndalo R. Kobilo Governance, Political Science Thesis 1970
European Influences on Nigerian Art Gloria L. Harper Art History, Colonialism / Decolonization / Post-Colonialism, Fine Arts Nigeria Thesis 1970
Reflection on Black Studies as Human Studies Charles A. Frye Ethnic and Racial Studies Thesis 1970
La Evolucion Economica de Guinea Ecuatorial Desde 1850 a 1968 Raphael Evita Economics Equatorial Guinea Thesis 1970
The Gezire Scheme: A Model For Social and Economic Development Hosni M. Elnigoumi Development, Economics, Sociology Thesis 1970