Africa-Related Dissertations Database

The Africa-Related Dissertations Database is a resource that represents various areas of Africa-Related expertise developed by Howard University graduate students. It provides information about Africa-Related dissertations and theses completed at Howard University. The database is searchable by area of study, country, type or year. You can also search using any keyword or name in the "Search" field.

Most of the dissertations and theses below are available on ProQuest ( Most universities, including Howard University, have ProQuest subscriptions so that students, faculty and other personnel have complimentary access when logged into their university account.

Title Name Area of study Country Type Yearsort descending
The Woman Image in Nigerian Novels: A Study of the Fiction of Flora Nwapa Benaiah E. Oguzie Gender Studies, Literature Nigeria Thesis 1976
Nationalism in Botswana 1920-1960 Sefalana C. Modisi Political Science Botswana Thesis 1976
Low Wage Structure in Ethiopian Economy and the Development of Labor Movements 1960-1967 Hafte Kitessa Development, Economics Ethiopia Thesis 1976
The Conflict Between Theodore II and the Ethiopian Coptic Orthodox Church in the Mid-Nineteenth Century Lettechidan Ghebremedhin Conflict Resolution, Political Science, Religion / Theology Ethiopia Thesis 1976
Chieftaincy in Ghana: the Decline of the Power and Prestige of Chiefs in Ghana in General and Ashanti in Particular Richmond Anaman Governance, Political Science Ghana Thesis 1976
Jamaica Anansi: A Survival of the African Oral Tradition Jean Purchas-Tulloch Oral Tradition Dissertation 1976
Change Within the Sikleo Kru Society of Liberia with Emphasis on Marriage Thomas Hayden Culture, Gender Studies Liberia Dissertation 1976
Attitudes Toward Africa: A Comparative Study of the Degrees of Pan-Africanism Among Howard University Students Isaac Ayodeji Education, Pan-Africanism, Youth Dissertation 1976
A Comparative Analysis of the Drama of Imamu Baraka and Wole Soyinka during the Period 1934-1973 Sidney J. Walker Literature Nigeria Thesis 1976
The Function of Symbolic Language in the Songs of Okot p'Bitek Tamara M. Smiley Language, Music Uganda Thesis 1976
Influences of Yoruba Religion on the Contemporary Wood Sculpture of Lamide Fakeye Sharon Pruitt Art History, Fine Arts, Religion / Theology Nigeria Thesis 1976
African Responses to an Issue of Disputed Representation in the United Nations: The Case of China in the General Assembly Jude-Cyprian Nwugo NGOs / International / Intergovernmental Organizations China Dissertation 1977
Urbanization and Poverty in Africa: Case Study Nairobi, Kenya S. Morag Kinnison Public Policy Kenya Dissertation 1977
A Comparative Study of the Political Thoughts and Policies of Kwame Nkrumah and Kofi Abreja Busia Kofi Asamoa Political Science Ghana Dissertation 1977
A Method of Investigating the Conceptualization of Time among Yoruba/English Bilinguals Mary Adiboye Language Benin, Nigeria Dissertation 1977
Liberia's Open Door Policy: the Political and Economic Problems, 1946-1961 Ukachi O. Munoye Economics, Political Science Liberia Thesis 1977
The Development and Nature of American Involvement in Portuguese Colonialism in Africa from 1960 to 1973 Jacqueline Howard Colonialism / Decolonization / Post-Colonialism, Development, Political Science Portugal, United States Thesis 1977
African Cultural Persistence in Grenada Irma Francis Culture Grenada Thesis 1977
The Black-White Conflict in South Africa: The Roles of the African States, the United Nations Organization and the South African Liberation Movements 1960-1970 James A. Famusipe Conflict Resolution, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Foreign Policy, International Relations, NGOs / International / Intergovernmental Organizations, Political Science South Africa, United States Thesis 1977
In Search for an African Identity in the French-Speaking Caribbean: Genesis and Rise of Haitianism and Negritude Christian Filostrat Haiti Dissertation 1978