Africa-Related Dissertations Database

The Africa-Related Dissertations Database is a resource that represents various areas of Africa-Related expertise developed by Howard University graduate students. It provides information about Africa-Related dissertations and theses completed at Howard University. The database is searchable by area of study, country, type or year. You can also search using any keyword or name in the "Search" field.

Most of the dissertations and theses below are available on ProQuest ( Most universities, including Howard University, have ProQuest subscriptions so that students, faculty and other personnel have complimentary access when logged into their university account.

Title Name Area of study Country Type Yearsort descending
A Socio-economic Study of the Kenyan Highlands from 1900-1970: A Case Study of the Uhuru Government Ng'weno Osolo-Nasubo Economics, Governance, Political Science, Sociology Kenya Dissertation 1973
The Influence of the Traditional African Religion in the Political Structure of the Ashanti and Oyo Empires, 1700-1817: A Comparative Study Richard Nzeadighibe Political Science, Religion / Theology Ghana Dissertation 1973
The Attributes of High Status in an African Transitional Generation: High Status Persons in the Gold Coast Colony Ella S. Prudent Sociology Ghana Thesis 1974
Age-Sets in Social Change; A Study of Age-Groups in Awing Village (Cameroon) David A. Nkweti Sociology Cameroon Thesis 1974
The Role of Education and Urban Factors in the Development of Juvenile Delinquency in Kenya Nyakio W. Mwangi Education, Youth Kenya Thesis 1974
A Scale For the Measurement of Afro-American Attitudes Toward Continental Africans Linda McCoy Kumi Sociology Thesis 1974
The Trinidad Calypso: An Analysis of the Functions of an African Oral Tradition in the Caribbean Carole E. Boyce Literature, Oral Tradition Trinidad and Tobago Thesis 1974
Life and Literature of the Sukuma in Tanzania, East Africa Evie Welch Literature Tanzania Dissertation 1974
Application of Linkage Politics: The Case of South African Political System Feraidoon Shams-Barragh Political Science South Africa Dissertation 1974
The Role of the United Nations in Decolonization in Africa, 1960-1973 Michael Ojo Colonialism / Decolonization / Post-Colonialism, Foreign Policy, NGOs / International / Intergovernmental Organizations, Political Science Dissertation 1974
Analysis of Problems and Projects of Kwame Nkrumah’s Pan-Africanism in Africa, 1945-1970 Moses Nwoye Pan-Africanism, Political Science Ghana Dissertation 1974
The Struggle to Eliminate Apartheid and Minority Rule in South Africa: An Analysis and Evaluation Daniel Atulobi Apartheid / Post-Apartheid, Political Science South Africa Dissertation 1974
The Development of Agriculture & Import Substitution in Nigeria Bernard Amadi Agriculture, Development Nigeria Dissertation 1974
Analysis of the Claims Presented by Ethiopia and Somalia over the French Territory of the Afars and Issas Belkis Wolde-Giorgis Colonialism / Decolonization / Post-Colonialism, Foreign Policy, International Relations, Political Science Djibouti, Ethiopia, France, Somalia Thesis 1975
The East African Community: The Progress and Problems of Multinational Economic Cooperation, 1967-1973 Reginald F. Biddle Economics, Foreign Policy, International Relations, Political Science Thesis 1975
African Arab Cooperation 1955-1974 Ali K-E. Al-Bakri Foreign Policy, International Relations, Political Science Thesis 1975
An Appraisal of the Economic Impact of Government Investments in the Farm Settlements and Plantations Schemes in Eastern and Western Nigeria During the First National Development Plan, 1962-1968 Cornelius Ojimba Development, Economics, Governance, Political Science Nigeria Dissertation 1975
African Nationalism in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe): A Critical Analysis of the Various Approaches and Techniques Africans Have Employed in an Attempt to Achieve their Independence, 1890-1973 Wellington Nyangoni Governance, Political Science Zimbabwe Dissertation 1975
The Development of the Ideology of Authenticity As a Paradigmatic Solution to the Problem of Cultural Identity in Zaire Tshihamba Luendu Culture, Development Democratic Republic of The Congo Dissertation 1975
African-Arab Cooperation, 1955-1974 Ali Al-Bakri Foreign Policy, Political Science Dissertation 1975