Africa-Related Dissertations Database

The Africa-Related Dissertations Database is a resource that represents various areas of Africa-Related expertise developed by Howard University graduate students. It provides information about Africa-Related dissertations and theses completed at Howard University. The database is searchable by area of study, country, type or year. You can also search using any keyword or name in the "Search" field.

Most of the dissertations and theses below are available on ProQuest ( Most universities, including Howard University, have ProQuest subscriptions so that students, faculty and other personnel have complimentary access when logged into their university account.

Title Namesort descending Area of study Country Type Year
Governance & Democratic Transition in Africa: Understanding "Ivoirite" and Ethnicity Challenges to Citizenship & Nation-Building in Cote d'Ivoire Salia Zouande Ethnic and Racial Studies, Governance, Political Science, Public Policy Cote D’ivoire Thesis 2011
Human Security, Women's Rights & Citizenship: Assessing the Role of Women in African Development Tracy Keyser Development, Gender Studies, Human Security Thesis 2011
Financial Dollarization and Institutional Quality in Sub-Saharan Africa Chola Milambo Economics Dissertation 2010
State Failure, Terrorism and Piracy in an Interconnected World: Somalia as a Test Case for the Global Security Concerns of the Twenty-First Century Christopher L. Daniels Foreign Policy, Global Security, Governance, International Relations, Law, Political Science, Terrorism Somalia Dissertation 2010
Human Security and Environmental Sustainability: The Impact of Environmental Factors on Socio-Economic Systems in the Horn of Africa Edwin M. Oyoo Economics, Environmental Studies, Global Security, Sociology Dissertation 2010
Human Security and Conflict Management: Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Sierra Leone, 2002 to 2009 Francis Wiafe-Amoako Conflict Resolution, Global Security, International Relations, Political Science Sierra Leone Dissertation 2010
Biological Evaluation of Four Selected African Medicinal Plants for Their Trypanocidal Properties, Mode of Action, and Chemical Compounds Hilaire M. Kenguele Biology, Chemistry, Health / Medicine Dissertation 2010
The Role of Mobile Phone Technology in Health Interventions in Rural Communities: A Kenyan Exploratory Study Kerry-Ann Hamilton Communications and Media, Health / Medicine, Technology Kenya Dissertation 2010
Structures: Representations of the House in African-American and Black Southern African Women's Writing Lanisa Kitchiner Gender Studies, Literature South Africa, United States Dissertation 2010
Conflict in Congo-Zaire and the participation of the youth population: Implications on Human Security 1996-2000 Mauna Dosso Conflict Resolution, Human Security, Political Science, Youth Democratic Republic of The Congo, Republic of The Congo Thesis 2010
Driving on an Unpaved Road: The Case of the Arts and Film Industry in the Republic of Namibia Mutheu Maitha Bomba Cinema, Public Policy Namibia Dissertation 2010
Gender, Sexual Communication, and Condom Negotiation: A Case Study of the Addis Ababa University Modeling and Reinforcement to Combat HIV/AIDS Project Sophia Abdi Nur Communications and Media, Culture, Gender Studies, Health / Medicine, HIV/AIDS Ethiopia Dissertation 2010
The Eighteenth Century Ge’ez (Classical Ethiopic) Manuscript, A Theological Treatise of the Daqiqa Estifanos Monastic Order Steffan A. Spencer History, Religion / Theology Ethiopia Dissertation 2010
Nkrumah, Kente and African Philosophy: Political Thought and Development in Ghana Angela Mills Culture, Development, Economics, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology Ghana Thesis 2009
Music and Liberation War During the Biafran War (1967-1970) Chioma Oruh Conflict Resolution, Governance, Music, Political Science Nigeria Thesis 2009
Discourse on Regional Integration in Africa: Towards a Pan African Theory of Authentic Development Gervais Gnaka Development, Economics, Pan-Africanism, Public Policy Dissertation 2009
Contextualizing Womanism: Representations of Black Women in the Plays of Athol Fugard and Zakes Mda Kari Miller Gender Studies, Literature South Africa Dissertation 2009
Representation of Nigerian Women in Nollywood Films Naomi Brock Cinema, Communications and Media, Gender Studies Nigeria Thesis 2009
Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Women in Rwanda Reggy Anyango Conflict Resolution, Gender Studies, Sociology Rwanda Dissertation 2009
Violence, terrorism and instability in the Niger Delta: Understanding the domestic and global dimensions of underdevelopment Sabella Abidde Economics, Globalization, Political Science, Sociology, Terrorism, Violence Nigeria Dissertation 2009